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The Kingdom of Four Rivers

My novel “The Kingdom of Four Rivers” (henceforth KoFR) is a work of science fiction, but for the most part it doesn’t look much like a work of SF. I don’t want to give too much away at the moment, as this is an unpublished novel. KoFR is set several hundred years in the future, during the years of “Everlasting Peace.” The basic premise is that climate change has rendered much of the planet uninhabitable, leaving small pockets of civilisation living beneath great shields. The novel is set in the fictional country of Four Rivers, which is loosely based on a Chinese province. The story begins with a trading journey made by the Chen family from one shielded settlement to another, and then the discovery of an important artefact. KoFR has three sections, each told by a different narrator: Chen Ji Tao, Kai Sen, and Chen Liang.

KoFR was written, for the most part, in the summers of 06/07 and 07/08. However, KoFR is based on a novel I used to call “Shield” which I first started writing in 2000. I wrote three separate versions between 2000 and 2004, so in a way it has taken me around 8 years to get the damn thing finished. It is my intention to submit my novel into the TAG Hungerford Award, which is for a first novel by a West Australian author. A friend of mine, Nathan Hobby, won this award in 2002 for his novel “The Fur.”

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