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Writers of interest – J.J. Deceglie

J. J. Deceglie is a Perth writer, author of two books: “the sea is not yet full” (a novel), and “In the Same Streets You’ll Wander Endlessly” (short stories). According to the biographical note in the front of the book of stories, “his works have been published in France, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.” Many of those short stories are freely available on the net, and they have been collected for the first time in “In the Same Streets You’ll Wander Endlessly.”

If you are interested in reading these books, then you can contact the author directly at jjdeceglie@yahoo.com.au

I’m taking a short break from McGahan’s Last Drinks to read some of J. J. Deceglie’s work. Interestingly, I am finding Last Drinks a LOT harder to get through than McGahan’s earlier novels, but I will persevere.

Last thing. If you are a young or newly published writer and want someone to read and review your published book (be it self published or otherwise), all you have to do is leave a note hereabouts. If you wish to send me a copy of your book, I will be only too happy to read it and review it here. You can expect a review of somewhere between 800-1500 words. This serves a mutual self interest in that you get a little bit of exposure for your work and I get a free book to read. Works for me.

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