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The Kingdom of Four Rivers – officially launched

Yesterday I had my book launch for The Kingdom of Four Rivers in the Northam Boulevard. It was a nerve-wracking experience for me, but I was mightily relieved at the end to discover I had sold all but five copies of my stock. The event had been well supported by the Avon Advocate, Monopolies Toys & Books, the Avon Valley Arts Society and Northam Senior High School – all of which helped to make the day a success. My heartfelt thanks go out to anyone who has helped in any way with this project, and especially to those of you who came and bought a book yesterday! I even got a ticking off from one astute gentleman over a grammatical issue on the book’s blurb. I won’t point it out here, but I wish someone had pointed this out before it was too late! Extra points will be awarded for those who can discover any proofreading issues in the book itself. I counted four (very) minor issues in total, which seems reasonable.

So where to now? Those still interested in obtaining a signed copy of The Kingdom of Four Rivers have a couple of options. Firstly, you can make your way into Monopolies Toys & Books in Northam, which has plenty of stock. Secondly, you can order direct from the publisher at Equilibrium Books . Thirdly, you can leave a comment hereabouts and I’ll see what I can do for you.

I am hoping to expand the retail availability of the novel somewhat, but I’m under no illusions as to how grinding this process is likely to be. If you can help in any way with this, let me know.

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