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Yellowcake Springs: three quarters done

Okay, I won’t make the mistake of putting a picture of a mushroom cloud into this post. I got a ridiculous amount of hits on the post last time I did that. Anyway, I managed to write nearly 11,000 words on my novel Yellowcake Springs over this past two weeks, which is just shy of the 12,000 words I had aimed to write. A common theme here. This means I am now the proud owner of 64,000 words or 221 double spaced pages, which represents around three quarters of the total manuscript. I had wanted the first draft to be 100,000 words in length, but I’m not going to get there. The book has really short chapters: 39 at the moment and more than 50 when completed. I myself like books with lots of short chapters. It makes them seem easier to get through. So I’m writing a book for lazy readers like myself.

The first draft will be finished in the summer holidays, Dec 09/Jan 10, and I expect I’ll have time to tinker with it extensively before returning to school (work) at the beginning of Feb 10. Next stop: world domination!

All right, this post wouldn’t be complete without a picture, so here’s a picture depicting a scene from my novel. Er, kinda:

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