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The Philip K Dick Collection – Library of America

I finally caved in and ordered this on Amazon. It’d been in my cart for at least six months, but the fact that the Australian dollar is approaching parity with the US made it all too tempting. Amazon also offers a 37% discount on the list price ($110) meaning that I got this for Aus $84 including postage. So if you’re interested in Philip K Dick and want to read 13 of his best novels relatively cheaply, here’s your best bet. For me, I suppose this collection will more or less sit on my shelf for the rest of my life, given that I’ve got reading copies of all of these titles. But whatever. PKD was the greatest, and this collection from the Library of America represents the pinnacle of his posthumous rise to fame.

EDIT: books arrived today, a mere 16 days after I ordered them, which is great for stuff from the U.S. A lot of people dislike America and Americans, but here’s two great American institutions at work: The Library of America and Amazon.com

And the third great American institution is this man, Philip K Dick, and his work. I don’t believe in God, Phil, but if he exists I hope he’s looking after you now. You deserve it a hundred times over.

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