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Yellowcake Springs wins Best Fiction in IP Picks 2011!

Here it is, my big news. My second novel Yellowcake Springs has won First Prize in the Best Fiction category of Interactive Publications’ IP Picks Awards 2011. This means that the novel will be published by IP later in the year. Here’s what the judges had to say about Yellowcake Springs:

Best Fiction | Winner

Guy Salvidge: Yellowcake Springs

Welcome to Yellowcake Springs; a pristine, friendly, secure community of citizens involved in the maintenance of one of Western Australia’s CIQ Sinocorp nuclear reactor facilities. You have nothing to fear inside the heavily-guarded community, nestled in the quiet streets between the radiation Red Zone and the razor-wired fences. Raise a family. Go to the park. Watch the sun set between the cooling towers. Lament the desperate lives of the lost ones living in the darklands outside the community, where overpopulation and starvation have created a lawless world. Feel lucky. You belong to CIQ Sinocorp now.

Author Guy Salvidge leads the reader through a time where an unchecked global population has created a slow, painful apocalypse for all but the elite. Inside Yellowcake Springs, the protection of CIQ Sinocorp provides security, employment and endless leisure in the constructed worlds of Controlled Dreaming State, where citizens using avatars can abandon their inhibitions and responsibilities. Inside the amber zone, Sylvia enjoys a carefree if mundane existence as an advertising consultant with her husband David, whose radical environmentalist interests provide endless gossip for her co-workers. In Controlled Dreaming State she meets Rion, a stranger from beyond the gates.

Outside Yellowcake Springs, Rion wanders a wasteland gripped by disease, famine and crime. His only chance to escape the darklands is through an affair with Sylvia, a woman from the inside. As he heads toward Yellowcake Springs, Ryan unwittingly becomes tangled in the sordid plans of Misanthropos; an environmental terrorist group whose plan to lower the earth’s population and destabilise CIQ Sinocorp will cost many innocent lives.

At the heart of the facility, Jiang Wei begins his training in the Controlled Waking State, the brainchild of Sinocorp employee Yang Po. Wei finds himself helpless to the whims of Yang Po’s experiments, which see Wei’s body and mind enslaved to the control of the corporation.
As Wei, Sylvia and Rion’s lives converge in Yellowcake Springs, Salvidge’s novel promises devastation and terror against the backdrop of a frighteningly plausible Australian future. [CP]

You can read the report on the winners in the other categories and the read of IP’s latest newsletter here.

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