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Yellowcake Summer: progress report 2/1/2012


Last summer (’11/’12) I started working on the sequel to Yellowcake Springs, entitled Yellowcake Summer. As usual I managed to get the thing half done in the six weeks I had available to me, so now the task is to finish it, or at least the first draft, over the current summer holidays (’12/’13). I’m actually about 2/3 of the way through now, having made a good start over the past couple of weeks. I’m up to about 60,000 words currently and I’d say that the first draft will be in the vicinity of 90,000 words. That means I’ll be writing about 30,000 words in January. Wish me luck!

Incidentally, even though Yellowcake Summer is a sequel, I’m determined NOT to end up with a Yellowcake Trilogy. It’s my intention for it to be a two book series, but then again, I hadn’t planned on writing a sequel at all…

What’s the book about? Well, readers of Yellowcake Springs will recall that at book’s end, our surviving protagonists Sylvia and Rion were in precarious circumstances – one incarcerated and the other leading a hand to mouth existence. In Yellowcake Summer, Sylvia is released from custody on the condition that she perform an important role for the Australian government, Rion finds himself conscripted into the Civilian Police Force and sent to a place he knows only too well, and Jeremy Peters (a minor character from Yellowcake Springs) struggles to manage a disintegrating personal life and a security situation in the town of Yellowcake Springs that is rapidly getting out of control. Again the town of Yellowcake Springs will be the centrepoint of the novel, but not exclusively: we explore more of the ruined ‘Belt and the sprawling northern suburbs metropolis of Quindalup as well. And of course there’s more about Controlled Dreaming State, Controlled Waking State, David Baron and Misanthropos.

Yellowcake Summer will be finished and hopefully published later in 2013. I’ll be looking for beta readers before then though, so if you want a free digital copy to sink your teeth into, then you need but ask.

NOTE: the image above is taken from the following url, and the artist is a Goran D. Fine picture it is too:


    January 2, 2013 at 10:20 pm

    Good to know that you are keeping that pen hot Guy. I look forward to the end product if only to see whether you have an ultimately optimistic or pessimistic outlook on the issues your writing touches on.

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