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The Tobacco-Stained Sky: An Anthology of Post-Apocalyptic Noir has a new editor!

Tobacco-Stained Sky_COVER

Exciting news – upcoming anthology The Tobacco-Stained Sky: An Anthology of Post-Apocalyptic Noir will now be edited by myself and Andrez Bergen for release in the second half of 2013. The book will be published by Another Sky Press, and publisher Kristopher Young has kindly given me a share of the editorial reins alongside Andrez. The Tobacco-Stained Sky is a themed collection of post-apocalyptic stories set in the universe of Andrez Bergen’s novel Tobacco-Stained Mountain GoatThe new collection  includes a story of my own, “The Dying Rain”, which features the same protagonist, Tyler Bramble, as my recently-published “Blue Swirls” in Tincture Journal. The collection features 16 stories and 8 comics, and now it’s my job to edit these works for publication and put them into a sequence. I’m enormously excited about the task and I can’t wait to get cracking – which I’ll be able to do as early as the upcoming Easter weekend when I’ll be at the Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers’ Centre doing the first part of my Emerging Writer-in-Residence gig.

Oh, and I have another exciting piece of writing news that I’ll have to keep under my hat for a week or two yet. This regards Yellowcake Summer, sequel to Yellowcake Springs.

  1. March 26, 2013 at 10:09 am

    Tobaccoo Stained Sky? If I recall, it was raining all the time in that world, so anyone looking up at the sky would get blinded by raindrops.

    Does your surprise involve Michelle Jenneke? She is doing a layout for Sports Illustrated, maybe you could get her to model a trench coat. That would sell some books!

    • guysalvidge
      March 26, 2013 at 7:36 pm

      Heh, no. My surprise isn’t quite that racy. It makes me happy though 🙂

  2. March 26, 2013 at 9:14 pm

    Bloody brilliant to have you on board, Guy — but I think I already mentioned these sentiments! 😉

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