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Book launch for Avon Valley author

Author: Guy Salvidge with his two new books.

AVON Valley author Guy Salvidge is launching two new books at Northam Library on Saturday, September 28.

Yellowcake Summer is the sequel to his 2011 book Yellowcake Springs which received an IP Picks award.

It is set partly in the Avon Valley of the future.

“It took me two years to write this one between the school holidays,” Mr Salvidge said.

“My influences are various science fiction and crime authors including Philip K Dick and Raymond Chandler.”

His other book is The Tobacco-stained Sky, a collection of post-apocalyptic noir, future crime fiction short stories from various authors in Japan, India and the United States.

It has been published by a small American publisher.

Earlier this year, Mr Salvidge was a writer in residence at the KSP writer’s centre in Greenmount. In that time, he started writing a new novel called Dan, A Cautionary Tale.

It is a crime story set in a Perth bottle shop 10 years ago.

“I have a view to get it published next year,” Mr Salvidge said.

Mr Salvidge will also be appearing at the Avon Valley writer’s festival this weekend proving various workshops.

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