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Yellowcake Springs launches in Northam and Greenmount

October 16, 2011 Leave a comment

I will be holding a couple of launches/signings for Yellowcake Springs in November. If you live in Perth or the Avon Valley, I’d love to see you on one of these days.

Launch #1 – 10am Saturday 12th November at Two Stories Book Cafe, 80 Fitzgerald Street Northam

Join me as I launch Yellowcake Springs at the Two Stories Book Cafe in Northam. There will be articles in the Avon Valley Advocate and Avon Valley Gazette promoting this event, as well as the possibility of an interview on Radiowest. 10am is the start time for this event.
Launch #2 – 12pm Sunday 13th November at Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers’ Centre, 11 Old York Road Greenmount

This is a joint launch with CSFG’s latest speculative fiction anthology, Winds of Change, and will start at 12pm upon completion of KSP’s monthly speculative fiction group. Join myself, Joanna Fay, Naomi Mondello and Carol Ryles as we launch these two books.

Launch Special – Purchase a signed copy of Yellowcake Springs and receive a free ebook of The Kingdom of Four Rivers.

If you need any more info, leave a comment below or send me an email at guysalvidge AT


Yellowcake Springs wins Best Fiction in IP Picks 2011!

February 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Here it is, my big news. My second novel Yellowcake Springs has won First Prize in the Best Fiction category of Interactive Publications’ IP Picks Awards 2011. This means that the novel will be published by IP later in the year. Here’s what the judges had to say about Yellowcake Springs:

Best Fiction | Winner

Guy Salvidge: Yellowcake Springs

Welcome to Yellowcake Springs; a pristine, friendly, secure community of citizens involved in the maintenance of one of Western Australia’s CIQ Sinocorp nuclear reactor facilities. You have nothing to fear inside the heavily-guarded community, nestled in the quiet streets between the radiation Red Zone and the razor-wired fences. Raise a family. Go to the park. Watch the sun set between the cooling towers. Lament the desperate lives of the lost ones living in the darklands outside the community, where overpopulation and starvation have created a lawless world. Feel lucky. You belong to CIQ Sinocorp now.

Author Guy Salvidge leads the reader through a time where an unchecked global population has created a slow, painful apocalypse for all but the elite. Inside Yellowcake Springs, the protection of CIQ Sinocorp provides security, employment and endless leisure in the constructed worlds of Controlled Dreaming State, where citizens using avatars can abandon their inhibitions and responsibilities. Inside the amber zone, Sylvia enjoys a carefree if mundane existence as an advertising consultant with her husband David, whose radical environmentalist interests provide endless gossip for her co-workers. In Controlled Dreaming State she meets Rion, a stranger from beyond the gates.

Outside Yellowcake Springs, Rion wanders a wasteland gripped by disease, famine and crime. His only chance to escape the darklands is through an affair with Sylvia, a woman from the inside. As he heads toward Yellowcake Springs, Ryan unwittingly becomes tangled in the sordid plans of Misanthropos; an environmental terrorist group whose plan to lower the earth’s population and destabilise CIQ Sinocorp will cost many innocent lives.

At the heart of the facility, Jiang Wei begins his training in the Controlled Waking State, the brainchild of Sinocorp employee Yang Po. Wei finds himself helpless to the whims of Yang Po’s experiments, which see Wei’s body and mind enslaved to the control of the corporation.
As Wei, Sylvia and Rion’s lives converge in Yellowcake Springs, Salvidge’s novel promises devastation and terror against the backdrop of a frighteningly plausible Australian future. [CP]

You can read the report on the winners in the other categories and the read of IP’s latest newsletter here.

From the Avon Advocate – 3/6/09

Looks like I’m famous…again. I like this photo better than the last one. I’ve been gratified by the response to the novel, and sales have reached or exceeded expectations. Avon Valley residents can still get a copy of The Kingdom of Four Rivers from Monopolies Toys & Books in Northam, or direct from the author (me). Leave a comment hereabouts if you desire…


The Kingdom of Four Rivers – officially launched

Yesterday I had my book launch for The Kingdom of Four Rivers in the Northam Boulevard. It was a nerve-wracking experience for me, but I was mightily relieved at the end to discover I had sold all but five copies of my stock. The event had been well supported by the Avon Advocate, Monopolies Toys & Books, the Avon Valley Arts Society and Northam Senior High School – all of which helped to make the day a success. My heartfelt thanks go out to anyone who has helped in any way with this project, and especially to those of you who came and bought a book yesterday! I even got a ticking off from one astute gentleman over a grammatical issue on the book’s blurb. I won’t point it out here, but I wish someone had pointed this out before it was too late! Extra points will be awarded for those who can discover any proofreading issues in the book itself. I counted four (very) minor issues in total, which seems reasonable.

So where to now? Those still interested in obtaining a signed copy of The Kingdom of Four Rivers have a couple of options. Firstly, you can make your way into Monopolies Toys & Books in Northam, which has plenty of stock. Secondly, you can order direct from the publisher at Equilibrium Books . Thirdly, you can leave a comment hereabouts and I’ll see what I can do for you.

I am hoping to expand the retail availability of the novel somewhat, but I’m under no illusions as to how grinding this process is likely to be. If you can help in any way with this, let me know.

From the Avon Advocate 29/4/09

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The Kingdom of Four Rivers – finished at last

April 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Today is a happy day for me, as I finally sent my novel, “The Kingdom of Four Rivers,” off to the TAG Hungerford Award. The deadline isn’t until the end of June but I thought it prudent to get it finished now, so that I might turn my attention back to my actual day job, teaching! To give you some idea of how much time I spent on this, here are some fun facts:

1. The Kingdom of Four Rivers is actually my eighth novel length manuscript, but the first I’ve been satisfied with.

2. I wrote my first novel at the age of sixteen, which is more than 10 years ago.

3. I’ve written something like a million words of prose since the age of fourteen.

4. I started working on “Four Rivers” in December ’06. The first draft was written over the course of two school summer holidays, and revision was done from Jan-April 2008.

5. It took around 100 hours to actually write the first draft, which was 97,000 words. That’s about 1000 words an hour, which is quite slow. I used to write much faster, but not as well.

6. In addition to the 100 hours of writing, I estimate that I spent something like 150 hours on thinking, planning, printing, reading and generally tinkering with the novel.

7. Add that to around 60 hours of revision and you have 300 hours of HARD work. I went through four drafts of the ms., each of which took about 20 hours each.

8. One of these drafts involved reading the entire novel aloud to check for typos and general flow of writing. This was an enormous help.

9. Now I need a holiday.

So the final ms. is 86,000 words, which I believe to be a good length. My wife Georgie drew a map for me. She and my mother are the only people to have read the book, as yet. Hopefully they won’t be the last…

Map of The Kingdom of Four Rivers

March 16, 2008 Leave a comment


Here is the map my wife Georgie drew for The Kingdom of Four Rivers. I am a little ambivalent about having a map for my novel, as it probably makes KoFR seem more like a fantasy novel, which it certainly isn’t. However, I liked the map Georgie drew so I decided to include it. It makes the story of the novel seem a little more real somehow.

Anyway, I have almost finished line-by-line revision on my manuscript now. The ms. is currently down to around 87,000 words, down from 91,000 in the second draft and 97,000 in the first draft. I have new scenes to write, however, which will hopefully bring the final word count up to around 90,000 words. Interestingly, I have found that I haven’t needed to cut as much out of this manuscript as I did with previous novel attempts. I used to routinely write manuscripts of perhaps 75,000 words, which would be cut down to 55,000 in the second draft. This time, I am finding that there is less need for deletions. I am hoping this means that the book is good…

The entry form for the 2008 TAG Hungerford Award has been released now. I’m hoping to finish working on KoFR and enter it by the end of April. Fingers crossed!