Awards & Publications


  • (2022) Finalist in Van Diemen History Prize for “Pardoned to serve His Majesty by sea: the life of George Briggs”
  • (2022) Highly Commended for “New Year Island” in Stringybark Stories Short Story Award
  • (2019) Shortlisted for “Ray” in the Stuart Hadow Short Story Prize
  • (2018) Highly Commended for “Ray” in the Sutherland Shire Literary Competition
  • (2018) Longlisted for The Dying Rain and Other Forays into the Bramble Noir in the Carmel Bird Digital Literary Award
  • (2017) First Prize for “The Centre Cannot Hold” in the Joe O’Sullivan Writers’ Prize
  • (2015) First Prize for “Frank” in the City of Rockingham Short Fiction Award
  • (2013) Best Fiction for Yellowcake Summer in IP Rolling Picks
  • (2013) Shortlisted for “A Void” in the Carmel Bird Award
  • (2012) Shortlisted for Yellowcake Springs in the Norma K Hemming Award
  • (2011) Best Fiction for Yellowcake Springs in IP Picks
  • (2010) First Place for “The Ballard” in “Book Love” Competition
  • (2010) Commended for “The Remembery” in KSP Speculative Fiction Awards
  • (2000) Highly Commended for “The Space Between” in KSP Speculative Fiction Awards (Young Writers)
  • (1999) First Place for “Shards” in KSP Short Fiction Awards (Young Writers)
  • (1998) First Place in the Children’s Book Week Make Your Own Story Book Competition
  • (1996) Winner of the Roy Grace English Scholarship


  • (2022) “The Empire Never Ended” published in The Saltbush Review and Traces
  • (2022) “New Year Island” published in Fruitcake Frenzy
  • (2021) “In Lutruwita” published in Backstory Journal and Traces
  • (2021) Complicity City published by Wallace Publishing
  • (2021) “Winter rains have swollen the river” and “Same Boat” published in Twice Not Shy
  • (2021) “Travel Derangements” published in Van Diemen Decameron
  • (2020) “It’s Later Than You Think” published in Inner Minds, Outer Space
  • (2020) “Ray” published in Archipelago Vol 02
  • (2020) “Supernova Memories” published in SF Commentary 104
  • (2020) “Mr Agoo” published in Not Keeping Mum
  • (2020) “The Ballard” and “Super Snipe” published in Once: a selection of short short stories 
  • (2018) “Wine” published in Digital Writers’ Festival 
  • (2018) “Zap!” published in Stories of Perth
  • (2018) “The Centre Cannot Hold” published in Award Winning Australian Writing 2018 and The Journal
  • (2017) “Killjoy”, “Losing Her Zen”, “The Kennedys: A Yellowcake Story” and “Epoch O’Lips: A Tyler Bramble Mystery” published in Just off Message: a 20th anniversary anthology
  • (2016) Review of David Whish-Wilson’s Old Scores published in Westerly Editor’s Desk
  • (2016) “Frank” published in Westerly: New Creative
  • (2016) “Frank” published in Award Winning Australian Writing 2016
  • (2016) “Hard Travelin'” published in Writing the Dream
  • (2016) “Epoch O’Lips” published in P3 WA #2
  • (2016) “when the jellyfish rule the oceans” published in Pound of Flash
  • (2015)  Reviews published in SF Commentary 89 
  • (2015) “Enter Sandman, Exit Light” published in Tincture Journal #9
  • (2013) “A Void” published in The Great Unknown
  • (2013)  Yellowcake Summer published by Interactive Publications
  • (2013) “The Dying Rain” published in The Tobacco Stained Sky
  • (2013) “Blue Swirls” published in Tincture Journal #1
  • (2013) “The Last First” published in Alien Sky
  • (2012) “Discovering Philip K. Dick” published in SF Commentary 83
  • (2012) “Manitee” published in Dark Edifice #1
  • (2012) “The Remembery” published in Dark Edifice #1
  • (2011) “The Kennedys” published in Eclecticism E-zine #17 
  • (2011) Yellowcake Springs published by Interactive Publications
  • (2011) “Yug’s Memory” published in Eclecticism E-zine #16 
  • (2011) “Vanish” published in Kurungabaa Vol 3 No 2
  • (2010) “The Ballard” published on Fiction on Demand
  • (2010) “Serious Business” published in Vibewire
  • (2009) The Kingdom of Four Rivers published by Equilibrium Books
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